The “special” booth at Thai Nguyen OCOP Industry & Trade 2023 Exhibition

N.P.M 17:13, 23/05/2023

From May 19th to 23rd, Masan High-Tech Materials participated in displaying its products at the Thai Nguyen OCOP Industry & Trade 2023 Exhibition. This year's exhibition had a unique feature where, alongside their usual high-tech material products, Masan High-Tech Materials also introduced Tea and Honey products from two distinctive economic development models that the company has been supporting over the years.

Masan High-Tech Materials booth attracts a large number of visitors
Masan High-Tech Materials booth attracts a large number of visitors

To prepare well for participating in this event, Masan High-Tech Materials has outlined a booth design concept that showcases its world-class recycling technology and its position as a global high-tech material producer. The booth this year was divided into two main sections: the Company introduction and the sustainable community.

At the Exhibition, Masan High-Tech Materials introduced over 700 products categorized into four pillar material groups: Tungsten, Fluorspar, Bismuth and Copper. These product lines are used in key industry sectors such as electronics, chemicals, automotive, aviation and aerospace, energy and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Masan High-Tech Materials plays a leading role in the circular economy by applying the “Reduce, Recycle & Reuse” philosophy. In addition to the tungsten material sourced from the Nui Phao mine and refined in the advanced plant of Masan Tungsten Company and H.C. Starck, the Company also purchases scrap metals from suppliers worldwide for tungsten recycling and recovery. Their achievements in recycling technology help Masan High-Tech Materials reduce reliance on natural mineral mining and enable them to turn end-of-life assets into valuable input materials to produce new materials and products. These tungsten products are widely used in various global industries such as electric vehicle manufacturing, energy storage and 3D printing, etc.

One of Masan High-Tech Materials achievements last year was the application of tungsten to enhance the fast-charging battery performance. The Lithium-ion batteries using high-tech tungsten material by H.C. Starck offer a high-performance Tungsten battery solution that can charge up to more than 90% in only 5 minutes with higher heat resistance, 10 times greater power density and durability. The new battery technology also enables the collection and recycling of used batteries and the major metal components including tungsten, which can be reused in the manufacturing cycle.

Masan High-Tech Materials product display booth drew a lot of attention from leaders, delegates and visitors, particularly Thai Nguyen leaders and guests attending the Exhibition Opening ceremony. Thai Nguyen leaders appreciated Masan High-Tech Materials for its strength, position as a global high-tech material supplier and and effectively fulfilling its corporate social responsibility.

Department of Industry and Trade leaders visit the MHT’s exhibition booth
Department of Industry and Trade leaders visit the MHT’s exhibition booth

With a strategic vision of “Growth through Sustainability,” Masan High-Tech Materials strives to make a positive impact on local development through the Economic Recovery Fund, social responsibility activities, charity and humanitarian work, as well as the development of local service supplier models. The Company’s aim is to foster independent economic and sustainable development within the community, by engaging in agricultural extension activities to enhance the competitive strength of local agricultural production.

Over the years, Nui Phao Mining has been provided valuable support to Nhat Thuc Tea Cooperative, including technical training, financial contributions towards the purchase of automatic irrigation equipment, and guidance in branding and label establishment. Additionally, the Company has supported the establishment of a material zone that follows the Organic tea standard and VietGAP model.

The Tan Linh Honey Beekeeping Group was established in 2020 with support from Nui Phao to help local communities improve their income through beekeeping. The group aims to foster connections among households by sharing breeding, pre-preparing, and processing techniques, with the goal of developing into a Honey Beekeeping Cooperative.

To support the consumption of their products, Nui Phao has registered the Nhat Thuc Tea Cooperative and the Tan Linh Honey Beekeeping Group as suppliers for the company. These products are used as corporate gifts for employees, business partners, and customers.

The Thai Nguyen OCOP Exhibition 2023 has nearly 200 booths representing more than 20 provinces, cities, enterprises under the Ministry of National Defense; leading corporations and large businesses from both Thai Nguyen province and other regions. The Thai Nguyen OCOP Industry & Trade Exhibition is an annual event that highlights the provincial brand and the typical products of Thai Nguyen province and other localities. It is also a platform for exchange, introduction and communication of socio-economic and cultural development achievements between Thai Nguyen and other cities and provinces across the country; as well as a good opportunity for enterprises and Cooperatives to present their brand and products to domestic and foreign investors, seek cooperation opportunities, promote business partnerships and expand the market for product consumption.