Five cooperatives from Thai Nguyen participated in the international tea exhibition in China

Thanh Phong 05:47, 11/05/2023

From May 5 to 8, 2023, the delegation from the Cooperative Alliance of Thai Nguyen province, along with five tea cooperatives (including Son Dung Tea Cooperative, Tan Huong Tea Cooperative, Hao Dat Tea Cooperative, Tan Cuong Trung Du Tea Cooperative, and Nhat Thuc Tea Cooperative), attended An Huy International Tea Exhibition held at the Hefei Binhu International Exhibition and Conference Center in Hefei, China.


The exhibition covered an area of 40,000 square meters. It was divided into several zones, including a famous tea product display on the website, a tea cultural experience area... The exhibition attracted over 700 companies and cooperatives with over 10,000 products.
This year, tea products from various countries, such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Pakistan, were displayed at the exhibition. The delegation from Thai Nguyen province was the sole representative from Vietnam in this program.

During the exhibition, the cooperatives from Thai Nguyen province introduced and promoted tea culture, showcasing each cooperative's outstanding and representative products, such as green bud tea, lotus tea, various flower teas, and black tea. Through cultural exchange activities, the delegation also presented the potential, strengths, and beauty of tea culture and tourism in Thai Nguyen province to international visitors.


At the end of the exhibition, the cooperatives from Thai Nguyen sold their entire stock of premium tea products on display. Five Chinese distributors expressed interest in connecting and consuming the lotus tea from Son Dung Tea Cooperative and the green dried bud tea from Tan Huong Tea Cooperative.
The exhibition allowed businesses and cooperatives in the province to promote their products, seek partners, and expand their consumer markets. It fostered exchanges and sharing experiences while facilitating sustainable exports to the Chinese market.