The national assembly's monitoring delegation acknowledged Nui Phao Company's compliance on environment protection laws

N.P.M 16:26, 16/05/2023

On May 15, 2023, the delegation of the National Assembly's Committee on Science, Technology, and Environment, led by Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Deputy Chairman of the Committee, conducted a working session at Nui Phao Mining to assess the company's compliance with environmental protection laws.

The delegation toured selected areas within Nui Phao operations
The delegation toured selected areas within Nui Phao operations

The Committee’s visit is important for NPMC as the National Assembly is currently in the process of amending the Land Law and the Minerals Law, while the Government is also making amendments to decrees related to mineral exploitation activities. These legal revisions have a significant impact on the operations of mineral companies, including NPMC, particularly in areas such as land acquisition, site clearance compensation, and the legal regulations pertaining to mineral exploitation. These regulations encompass aspects such as environmental protection fees and the granting of mineral rights.

During the meeting, representatives from NPMC provided an overview of the Company’s production and business activities, emphasizing its commitment to environmental protection and compliance with legal regulations. In addition to their successful production and business endeavors, NPMC has consistently pursued the goal of sustainable development, which includes prioritizing environmental protection and ensuring social security.

A shining example of environmental conservation

The Nui Phao mine operations are always carried out in conjunction with environmental conservation. Since its operation, the company has been investing in numerous environmental protection projects, such as gathering and treating wastewater before dumping it into the environment and reusing water to preserve resources. 7.3 million metres of water will be circulated for re-use in 2022, accounting for about 81% of total water usage within our operations.

Wastewater and rainwater overflows at Nui Phao mine are collected into reservoirs and delivered for treatment at the 36,000 m3/day centralized wastewater treatment facility. Wastewater monitoring stations have been constructed, and data is being sent automatically to the Thai Nguyen Department of Natural Resources and Environment.

The use of integrated solid waste management, which includes prevention, reduction, categorization, collection, reuse, recycling, and final treatment, is prioritized with the purpose of resource preservation and environment protection as part of sustainability initiatives.

Since the beginning, Nui Phao Mining has made significant investments in efforts to improve the environment of the mine and its surroundings. Grass and trees will be planted in all waste sites and locations where land has been restored. By the end of 2022, the Company has planted trees and rehabilitated the environment on 59.58ha of land.


Contributing to socio-economic and community development

The company prioritizes social security activities and community development, such as infrastructure building and agricultural extension to establish sustainable lives for people; investment in sanitary and environmental protection water supply works; charity and humanitarian... The company provides over 1,000 billion VND to the yearly budget, employing over 1,500 individuals, 60% of whom are Thai Nguyen people from the project's impacted districts, with an average monthly salary of 12.8 million VND. Furthermore, from 2015 to the present, the Company has provided US$1 million per year to Thai Nguyen province to support the province's efforts to encourage investment, economic, cultural, and social development.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment of Thai Nguyen province periodically examined and analyzed the overall and specific environmental effect for each item while supervising environmental protection at the Nui Phao mine. The assessment results show that Nui Phao Company is one of the production and business units in Thai Nguyen province that does well in environmental protection, as evidenced by compliance with environmental laws, waste, dust, and gas control, and enhancement and restoration of the environment.

Some recommendations and requests

At the meeting, the Company's representatives proposed that the National Assembly's Committee on Science, Technology, and Environment request that the Government reconsider Decision 1640, which governs the method of calculating fees for granting mineral mining rights, in order to avoid causing harm to enterprises, and to encourage companies such as Nui Phao Company to invest in mining and deep processing technology. The Company also wants the Science and Technology Committee to support the policy in order for the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the People's Committee of Thai Nguyen Province, and other relevant agencies to approve the project. For the project of establishing a Tungsten recycling plant, the Company proposes that the Committee advise the Government to consider and approve of the Company importing Tungsten scrap to ensure input materials for the Project.

As part of the working session, the The National Assembly’s Committee on Science, Technology, and Environment toured selected areas within Nui Phao operations. Mr. Nguyen Tuan Anh, Vice Chairman of the Committee stated, "The delegation highly appreciated the meticulous  report preparation and professionalism of the reporters, and acknowledged the strict observance of the environmental law in Nui Phao Company. Based on the company’s comments and recommendations, the Delegation will consider and submit to the National Assembly in order to help solve problems for the business.”