Investing 2,250 billion VND for Nam Thai urban area project

Hai Hang 08:02, 11/06/2024

Recently, Pho Yen City has organized the groundbreaking ceremony for the Nam Thai Urban Area Project, covering an area of ​​24.68 hectares. It is the first project implemented within the 195-hectare metropolitan area - the new administrative center of Pho Yen City. The project is located in Nam Tien Ward and Ba Hang Ward.

Delegates are breaking ground for the Nam Thai Urban Area Project.
Delegates are breaking ground for the Nam Thai Urban Area Project.

The project is invested in constructing a comprehensive technical infrastructure system according to the detailed planning scheme, including commercial construction areas, mixed-use apartment buildings, and adjacent residential land with a total of 573 plots facing roads at the regional level and main landscape roads...

The total project implementation cost is about 2,250 billion dong and will be completed in 2026. In addition to residential areas, the project also harmoniously integrates elements in the design, such as green spaces, internal pedestrian paths, air-conditioned water reservoirs, and other public facilities, such as schools, hospitals, parks, and parking lots... to create a friendly and safe living environment. The project is used to solve the housing problem for people and improve the criteria of a type 2 urban area.