Spreading movement of building cultural village in Dong Hy

Thu Ha 07:44, 26/09/2022

In Dong Hy district, the Movement to build cultural hamlets and residential groups (cultural villages) is unanimously responded to by the people, thus achieving practical efficiency, contributing to the formation of a civilized lifestyle, and promoting socio-economic development.

People of Dong Hy district actively participate in cultural, artistic and sports activities.
People of Dong Hy district actively participate in cultural, artistic and sports activities.

Hoa Thuong commune is one of the localities that has profoundly changed by implementing the Movement to build cultural villages. In 2021, 14 out of 14 hamlets of the commune won the title of Cultural Village.

Mr. Nguyen Viet Dung, Vice Chairman of the Commune People's Committee, said: That achievement is the effort and determination of the Party Committee, the government, and the people in implementing the Movement of Building a cultural village associated with building a new rural area. Every year, the commune promotes propaganda about the purpose and meaning of the Movement to the people. At the same time directing the hamlets to build conventions; organize cultural, artistic, physical training, and sports activities to improve the people's spiritual life.

For example, in Hung Thai hamlet, to achieve the achievement of Cultural Village in 7 consecutive years, the hamlet has incorporated the construction of cultural village criteria into the village convention so that all people implement it.

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Thinh, Head of the hamlet, said: Hung Thai has 435 households and 1,483 people. People have a high sense of implementing a civilized lifestyle. The hamlet established a cleaning team to clean public works and plants regularly, take care of flower roads, creating a clean and beautiful environment. Cultural, artistic, physical training, and sports activities are enjoyable, creating solidarity and attachment in the community. As a result, in 2021, the hamlet reached 98 percent of cultural families.

Not only Hoa Thuong commune, communes and towns in Dong Hy district have effectively implemented the Movement to build cultural villages. To achieve these results, the district has closely directed and instructed the superiors in implementing the movements, promoting propaganda and training, and at the same time paying attention to building cultural institutions, promoting traditional cultural values, and effectively building and promoting cultural activity models.

The construction of cultural villages has gradually eliminated outdated customs, limiting the impact of social evils on the residential community; many activities and the traditional beauty of hamlets and neighborhoods are maintained and promoted. In 2021, the whole district had 91.1 percent of families winning the title of Cultural family, an increase of nearly 38 percent compared to 2000; 143 out of 143 hamlets and residential groups have cultural houses and sports playgrounds. The complete system of cultural and sports institutions has created conditions for developing cultural sports and cultural activities. Since then, people's cultural and spiritual life has gradually improved.