Connection to consume custard apples: Pushing up highland agriculture products

Minh Phuong 21:21, 20/08/2022

On August 15 and 16, the People's Committee of Vo Nhai district coordinated with the Department of Industry and Trade to create a connection to consume custard apples. In addition to the main product of Vo Nhai's custard apples, the program also introduced many OCOP products of 9 districts and cities in the area.

The delegates are interested in purple custard apples, one product of Phu Thuong Agriculture and Forestry Cooperative.

In 2021, Vo Nhai opened an electronic portal connecting the district's supply and demand of agricultural products, aiming to link production and origin tracing to introduce and promote local agricultural products to markets inside and outside the province.

Consumers can use smartphones for checking custard apple's traceability.

Speaking at the program, Mr. Nguyen Ba Chinh, Director of the Department of Industry and Trade, emphasized: The program aims to strengthen trade promotion activities, connect supply and demand, and help businesses, cooperatives, and households to introduce products, search for potential markets and partners to cooperate and develop production.

Delegates signed a cooperation agreement to promote and connect agricultural product consumption of Thai Nguyen province.

From there, creating a new driving force for socio-economy, trade and service recovery and development. At the same time, expand the distribution network to supermarkets and shopping malls inside and outside the province, promoting the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods"...