Nui Phao Mining presents bicycles to disadvantaged students

N.P.M 14:44, 31/05/2023

On May 24, in response to the launching of Month of Action for Children 2023, Nui Phao Mining Company Limited (Nui Phao Mining) donated 10 bicycles to disadvantaged students in the Thai Nguyen province. The program was launched with the theme “Joining hands to reduce harm for children” by the Thai Nguyen Provincial People's Committee.


Over the past few years, Nui Phao Mining has been playing the leading role in the participation in the Month of Action for Children. Through the program, Nui Phao Mining have so far given out 40 bicycles, paid for the surgery of children with congenital cardiac disease, and awarded scholarships for nearly 200 children with HIV infection and children with extremely disadvantaged circumstances. The company hopes to provide local children with bicycles, scholarships, and financial aid so that they can get to school easily and quickly, foster their interest in learning, overcome obstacles and challenging circumstances to achieve outstanding academic results, and become a part of the nation’s remarkable generation.

In the launching program, local authority representatives acknowledged and praised Nui Phao Mining as one of the role-model businesses in Thai Nguyen province for working with the local government and contributing significantly to social security, particularly care and support for economically disadvantaged children. This helps Thai Nguyen province rank as one of the top 10 provinces and cities nationwide with excellent performance of children’s rights, according to the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs.

Every year within its corporate social responsibility program Nui Phao Mining allocates a substantial amount of budget for the implementation of charity and social security programs for the project-affected households and local communities. The Company also pays special attention to socially disadvantaged and underprivileged groups in society, including children, poor households, the elderly, women with disabilities, and single mothers. This not only reflects the company’s commitment to delivering on corporate social responsibility, but also demonstrates its appreciation for the contributions and support of local people and communities to the company’s long-term development.