OCOP product development: Focus on both quality and quantity

Luong Hanh 15:31, 12/09/2023

After over 4 years of implementing the "One commune, one product" program (OCOP), Thai Nguyen has 173 OCOP products from 91 entities rated from 3 to 5 stars. With the motto: OCOP products must ensure both "quality" and "quantity" to enhance value, localities have focused on investing in the sustainable development of typical products.

OCOP tea products are sold in GO! Thai Nguyen.

In recent years, members of Nhat Thuc Tea Cooperative in Phuc Linh commune (Dai Tu) have switched to organic production methods to meet the increasing demand of the market and protect the health of producers and consumers.

Ms. Dao Thi Thuc, Director of the Cooperative, shared: "To make organic tea, we use herbal pesticides and organic and microbiologic fertilizer to ensure a safe environment. Currently, the cooperative has products: high-quality green tea, Thuc Dinh tea, Thuc Tam tea, Bach Long Huong tea... that are recognized as 3 and 4-star OCOP products. This year, the cooperative continues to develop two products, Huong Dinh tea and honey ginseng tea, to participate in the OCOP ranking.
Tien Dien dry noodle and vermicelli cooperative in Trang Xa commune (Vo Nhai) has also focused on investing in facilities to improve product quality. The cooperative also registers codes and barcodes associated with traceability and sales on e-commerce trading floors. The cooperative's dried noodles and vermicelli products have been recognized as 3-star OCOP products and are increasingly known and favored by consumers.

Mr. Hoang Tien Dien, Director of Tien Dien Dry Noodle and Vermicelli Cooperative, said: "Being certified for OCOP products is the "passport" that brings our products to several major supermarkets inside and outside the province. Thanks to effective business, currently, the cooperative is creating stable jobs for over 20 local workers, with an average income of 5 million VND/person/month.

The honey products were rated as OCOP 3-star standard.

In recent years, OCOP entities in the province have focused on investing in facilities, upgrading machinery, and applying scientific and technical advances to have quality products that meet consumer's tastes. Many entities also use OCOP products to develop brands, create reputation, expand markets and increase revenue.

Accompanying the people, functional agencies and local authorities have also developed a plan to synchronously implement contents such as propaganda, training, and support for OCOP product brand management, Trade promotion and product promotion at tourist attractions and rest stops. 9 districts and cities in the province also have places to introduce and display OCOP products.

Mr. Duong Van Hien, Head of Pho Yen City Economic Division, said: "From 2022 until now, we have supported 11 signs to display and introduce OCOP products and typical agricultural products, Supporting the design and printing of packaging, labels, and traceability stamps for a number of local OCOP products."

It is not only OCOP entities focused on improving product quality, but recently, the OCOP Product Evaluation and Grading Council of Thai Nguyen province has also paid special attention to quality assurance criteria, raw material sources, packaging and labels of products participating in the evaluation and classification. Thanks to that, Thai Nguyen's OCOP products have been positively received by the market, helping farmers expand production scale and increase product value.

In 2023, the whole province strives to have 20 products achieving OCOP 3 stars or higher. Unlike previous years, this year, with the implementation of the OCOP Program, the district People's Committee is assigned to evaluate, approve, and recognize 3-star products. This helps localities proactively choose typical products, thus saving time and implementation costs for subjects.