Nui Phao Mining backs up the transformation of Dai Tu district to “new rural area”

N.P.M 10:41, 23/05/2024

On May 4, Deputy Prime Minister Tran Luu Quang signed Decision No. 371, recognizing Dai Tu District as meeting the new rural standards for 2023. This was a great achievement for the district thanks to the support of various units, organizations and enterprises operating in the region, including Nui Phao Mining.

To date, the district's rural infrastructure has been comprehensively developed. 100 percent of the district, commune and inter-communal roads have been paved or concreted. In addition to public support, the Dai Tu district has also benefited from significant support of businesses operating in the area. Nui Phao Mining, in particular, contributed 3,000 tonnes of cement to the "extension of 6-metre-wide village roads" initiative, with a total value of almost VND4 billion. In addition, the company donated 1,500 trash bins to Ha Thuong commune, worth over VND300 million, and supported the installation of street lighting in rural areas. These contributions have played a crucial role in helping communes around Nui Phao to meet and exceed the advanced new rural standards.

Rural infrastructure in Dai Tu District has been comprehensively developed
Rural infrastructure in Dai Tu District has been comprehensively developed

Mr. Nguyen Dinh Trang, Secretary of the Man hamlet Committee in Phuc Linh Commune, Dai Tu, stated: "It is thanks to major businesses based in Phuc Linh Commune have supported the local people in successfully meeting the advanced new rural criteria in 2004."

Nhat Thuc Tea Cooperative is one of the local service providers supported by Nui Phao Mining to develop an organic tea production area covering more than 7.8 hectares. The cooperative was financed to install an automatic watering system and access funds from the Economic Recovery Loan Fund to expand its business activities. To date, the cooperative has produced several OCOP standard products rated 3 and 4 stars. 60-70 tons of finished tea were sold annually, creating jobs for nearly 20 members with a stable income of over 5 million VND per person per month.

Nui Phao Mining supports organic tea production area
Nui Phao Mining supports organic tea production area

Ms Dao Thi Thuc, director of the Nhat Thuc tea cooperative in Phuc Linh, Dai Tu, said, "Nui Phao Mining actively helps us promote our image and brand. Recently, the company supported our website development, and even helped the cooperative sell our products".

Mr. Tran Van Linh, vice-president of the People's Committee of Phuc Linh, Dai Tu, added: "Nui Phao Mining supports all local programs, making efficient use of all resources. This support has helped Phuc Linh commune overcome several difficulties when meeting the criteria to build new rural area and advanced new rural area”.

For over 10 years, Nui Phao Mining has been working with the Dai Tu District Social Policy Bank to set up an Economic Recovery Loan Fund. To date, 456 households have accessed these funds to invest in economic development, with a total amount exceeding VND16 billion. In addition, as part of its strategy to improve local people’s quality of life, the company has supported the establishment and development of local business models, including but not limited to recruitment of locals and professional training in the field of safety, operations and product distribution. This has enabled people in the communes adjacent to the Nui Phao project, as well as Dai Tu district, to make a living in their own land.

Mr. Tran Dang Minh, vice-president of the Dai Tu district People's Committee, emphasized: "In our effort to meet new rural development standards, the significant contributions of Nui Phao Mining in the district’s economy and infrastructure development, poverty alleviation, cultural and spiritual life improvement have won the people's trust. The company supports local businesses in their production, ensuring financial efficiency and compliance with legal regulations". 

Mr. Phan Chien Thang, Director of Media, Community and External Relations at Nui Phao Mining shared: "Alongside the country's development, Nui Phao Mining shares the goal of improving the material and spiritual lives of the community. That's why as a business based in Dai Tu, we're very proud to have helped the locality to improve the lives of local people, in line with the new rural development criteria defined by the government".