Thai Nguyen industrial production index surges by 4.52 percent

Nhi Ha 16:30, 02/02/2024

According to the assessment of the Provincial Statistics Office, the industrial production situation in the area continues to show many positive signs at the beginning of 2024. Businesses have ramped up production since the start of the year and secured new orders with significant value.


The Industrial Production Index (IIP) in the province for January is estimated to increase by 4.52 percent compared to the same period in 2023. Specifically, manufacturing and processing industries have seen a 4.66 percent increase, electricity production and distribution have risen by 3.94 percent, while water supply, management, and waste treatment have surged by 14.29 percent.

Notably, the manufacturing and processing industry, playing a crucial role in driving economic growth, significantly contributes to the overall industrial and economic growth of the province. Some sectors have shown high production indices, such as a remarkable 87.32 percent increase in the production of rubber and plastic products, 85.71 percent for printing and record duplication, 59.87 percent for food processing, 32.45 percent for beverage production, 22.07 percent for motor vehicle manufacturing, 14.29 percent for textiles, and 12.12 percent for electrical equipment production.

In the realm of electronic product manufacturing, Samsung Electronics Vietnam Thai Nguyen Limited Liability Company introduced the new Galaxy S24 in January 2024, leading to an estimated 4.5 percent increase in the production index for this industry compared to the same period. for this industry compared to the same period.